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Welcome To ZC
The World of Zootopia
Welcome to Zootropolis Chronicles!
Zootropolis Chronicles Guidebook & Manual
On behalf of the members and staff, I would like to take this time to thank you for taking interest in our community, Zootropolis Chronicles, based on the recently released film, Zootopia - By Walt Disney Studios. We take pride in being the first in the entire roleplaying community to build our RPG in response to the explosively growing fan-base that has developed around the film and would like to welcome those who are interested in exploring the world built around it introduce their own characters.

In Zootropolis Chronicles, we are seeking to explore a much more darker and grittier version of the universe that has been built by the film-editors, introducing our own stories and our own characters. Though we will be allowing canon characters to participate as well, our focus will be in original ideas and concepts. With that stated, please be aware that the world we interact in is not 100% based on the world as depicted by the developers. - We have made some necessary changes to build the community we wanted to build, we'll go over this some more later on.

Since we're stepping into that topic, let me get one thing squared away. We are a JCINK PREMIUM Hosted community, what this means is that our site does allow the use of adult subjects. Graphic adult material Must be blocked out by restricted tags, refer to THIS LINK for more information.

As not to spoil the events of the movie (in the event that you haven't seen it yet - you should really consider seeing it, it's actually very good) - Our focus will be on a general setting in which you will determine the plots that your characters embark on.

With that being said, if you desire to do so, please continue reading the guidebook to get all the information you will need in order to play and have a good time!

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