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Forum Rules The Heart of the City

Downtown city Central is the business heart of all of Zootopia. Unlike the other districts of the city, here all mammals roam freely. This is where all the state offices are located, including the Zootopia Police Department, the DMV and the Mayor's building.

Due to the nature and location of Downtown, it is frequent in activity and therefore having a heavy police presence. Parking regulations are strictly enforced and watchful eyes seek out members of either crime family, The Bigs and the Gulos.

Life here is fairly busy, the streets are always teeming with activity and police intervention can be seen in every corner of the city-scape. The climate is moderate and resources are plentiful. One will find that this section of the city is teeming with business -including many fine-dining restaurants, and attractions such as theaters and stadiums to hold special events.

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 Spot Me For Lunch, ZPD//OPEN
Zachary Locke
 Posted: May 14 2018, 01:12 AM

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It was 12:33 PM in the ZPD communications center. Lunchtime. All the dispatchers were out getting food, except one. One who wasn't very responsible with his money. One that hadn't brought a lunch. And one that likes to eat.

Zach sat alone in the dispatch area, sighing. It was going to be at least a half an hour before someone came back. He usually had something from home, or he would just get delivery... but the new Beast Slayer World game had sucked up what was supposed to be his food budget for the week, and he wasn't getting paid til Friday. Worth it, he keeps telling himself... As he's eating dry cereal, or spaghetti with no sauce. Definitely nothing 'bring to work in the morning' material. So what was a possum to do but... sing Kareoke?

May as well entertain himself somehow. Picking up his microphone, he hopped out of his seat... and made sure he wasn't going to be broadcasting to the entire department. It was a somber song, but definitely what he could identify with right now.

"I wiiish I haaad a tacooooo~
With plenty of hot sauce but all that I've got is a
Booox ooof... Craaa-Aaackers~

I wiiish I haaad a piiizzaaa~
With mushrooms and sausage but all that I've got is a
Jaaaar ooof... Maaay-o-nnaise~

The fridge is so empty! Good food is so tempting! I got four more days! Til I get paid!"

Dropping to his knees, the song's tone became more dramatic.

"Taake away my
Suuffering I
Caan't go on with things this waaay!

There's ooon-ly so muuuch that I can ta-Aaaaaaaaake~"

He heard a beeping in his headset, opening an eye as he was pulled out of his private jam session... On camera, but still private enough for him. Clearing his throat, he straightened up, taking the call from his knees.

"9-1-1 emergency dispatch. May I help you?" Thank God whoever was calling had no idea just what kind of dork was on the line. Sighing, he got up and returned to his station, starting to properly log the call. "Okay. May I have your name please...? ... Alright. The fire department is en route now, Sir. Just please try to keep her calm until they arrive... You're welcome."

Ending the call, he heaved an annoyed sigh, keying the microphone he had previously used for his singing. "2-7-7, ZFD is going to need assistance at 12-76 East Liberty Street, there's an elephant stuck in an elevator."

"*sigh*... Received." came back from the officer, no doubt having his own lunch interrupted.

That business done, he made sure the call as properly updated on the tracker before slouching in his seat again.

Damn he was hungry...
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