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 Take these plots!, Drem has some characters to adopt out...
 Posted: Apr 29 2017, 06:19 AM

I'm Played By Dremulf
27 (this is the OOC account) YEARS OLD


Dremulf IS Offline

Awards: None

I need to adopt these four characters, the plots for them have died out for various reasons, and i need the space on my character list for those who DO have plots.

these characters have a good amount of potential, so please take them!

Tobias is a special needs adult, and a water buffalo. He is the adoptive son of Kalasin Mufala, my Hyena character.

Sophia shes got fluff, and shes pretty darn cute.

Len Shes big, shes tough, and shes a pervert...Also a Mob enforcer, whats not to love?

Petrov Trans-species greyhound, wants to be a wolf. Had to make him...but his plot died. Hes also a famous chef and runs the cities Non Casino Gambling, with tribute paid to those who would otherwise take affront to his actions.

Hity me up for these babies, they have a lot of potential...
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