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Welcome to Zootropolis Chronicles, a fan-based play-by-post RPG taking place in the world imagined by the film, Zootopia -created by Disney. In Zootroplolis Chornicles, all characters take the form of Anthropomorphic Animals (walks on two legs) and live their lives in place of humans. In Zootopia, animals wear clothes, they use technology, and they live in harmony with one another.

However, don't let it's peaceful nature catch you off guard. Zootopia is filled with crime, plagued with distress, and is suffering from what could be seen as nothing less than it's own locally hidden power-struggle. As one once said, "we may have evolved, but deep down -we're still animals."

Welcome to Mark of the Wild!

Members will enjoy an environment with the following features:

• No word count
• @username-tagging
• Integrated Alert System that informs users of your posts
• Mature member-base
• Less-frequent activity checks (every 6 months)
• Free-form RPG setting

-And much more!

For a much more detailed explanation of what we can offer you, consider checking out our guidebook, or ask some of the members!
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Our first Featured Member contest will be held 2 months from opening date (March 15th) This is to allow the creation of plots, characters, and development of created characters. From that point, we will then be hosting featured member contests every 24 days.
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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
000 Characters 27-January 18 0
Abigail Puggins Characters 25-April 16 9
Abigale Flanagan Characters 10-April 17 13
Abraham Ibori Characters 17-February 17 20
accalia Characters 14-October 16 2
Ace Characters 24-September 16 0
Acer Characters 26-February 17 10
AcousticSequence Characters 22-May 16 0
adversary Characters 16-July 16 1
Ahban Savarrah Characters 3-January 18 18
Air Wolf Characters 10-June 16 0 View
Aislin Forge Characters 25-February 18 8
Ajayi Characters 20-April 16 30
Alaric Characters 22-February 17 35
Alex Draco Characters 24-January 17 0
Alexandra Foxx Characters 15-September 17 18
AlexisFaustus Characters 23-July 16 0
Alphonse Huskin Characters 8-April 16 157
Alternate Hypothesis Characters 2-March 17 0
Alvin Whiskers Characters 1-August 16 38
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