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Forum Rules Zootopia's Criminal Underground - Gripped in Fear

Tundra Town is an isolated district at the Northern spaces of Zootopia, here the artificial climate is frigid and dense. Due to it's massive grounds, there is a diverse population thriving throughout the area.

Flanked By Sahara Square, Tundra Town is circumnavigated by the Zootopia Express Train that cuts through the center of the district. With evens procuring at all hours of the day, Zootopia police have a heavy presence in the area, especially due to the fact that the Tundra Town can be considered to be the entrails of Zootopia's criminal underground.

Thriving heavily in the area and influencing nearly every decision in Tundra Town is the headquarters to what is presumed to be Zootopia's largest crime Lord, The Bigs. They are known to quarrel often with the Gulos, another major crime family that has massive influence throughout Zootopia.

One should take caution when navigating these parts of the city as the presence of both crime families are strong and can be felt by everyone. As both families virtually own nearly all the business in the district, it would seem that in every aspect, they are supporting the operation behind each dollar that is spent here.

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