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Welcome to Zootropolis Chronicles, a fan-based play-by-post RPG taking place in the world imagined by the film, Zootopia -created by Disney. In Zootroplolis Chornicles, all characters take the form of Anthropomorphic Animals (walks on two legs) and live their lives in place of humans. In Zootopia, animals wear clothes, they use technology, and they live in harmony with one another.

However, don't let it's peaceful nature catch you off guard. Zootopia is filled with crime, plagued with distress, and is suffering from what could be seen as nothing less than it's own locally hidden power-struggle. As one once said, "we may have evolved, but deep down -we're still animals."

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 Dinner For Two [18+], Contains mature topics and homosexuals.
 Posted: Apr 15 2018, 08:24 PM

I'm Played By Multibeast

Fruit Bat 

Multibeast IS Offline

Awards: None

The life of a celebrity isn't always easy. Can't go anywhere without someone shouting your name and subsequently calling forth a mob of fans and admirers. Barrett wasn't unkind to his fans, in fact he often was prone to performing for them right on the street. "Say the line!" they demand. And just like that, Barrett would say his infamous line from his most famous movie role. "I'll get you one day, you blathering hound!" he shrieks with wings spread, much to the excitement of the crowds.

But even with all that attention, and even if he loved acting, Barrett was still somehow lonely. He lived alone, he dined alone, he went about his day alone...he didn't even have any body guards he kept at his heels, as potentially unsafe as that could have been. He wasn't antisocial, he was just a little picky about his friends. High standards are nothing to be ashamed of, they're just something that ensured he could trust people.

Barrett was homosexual, and that seemed to only complicate his love life, of which he had nothing of the sort. He had no problem with anyone, but he just wanted to find 'the one'. When you're an eccentric actor, people think you'll hook up with another celebrity, but Barrett truthfully was not interested in any of the actors he'd worked with. He was also pretty sure none of those actors were gay.

So, perhaps it wasn't a huge surprise that Barrett would have taken more of an interest in the less famous people out there. But really, anyone he hung around kind of became famous overnight. Then the fame got to their heads and they changed in ways Barrett wasn't particularly fond of.

Thus, here Barrett was, in the midst of a gay bar he'd heard about and hoping to meet someone. Of course, he had his sunglasses on - it wasn't even daytime, he just wanted to be less noticeable. Everything was pitch black for him, but that was perfectly acceptable for any bat.

"What'll it be, pal?" asked the bartender as he sat down.

Barret looked a bit nervous. "Just...I don't know, something fruity. I'm not too familiar with most alcohol, to be honest."

Once he got his request, Barret sipped it casually. How was he even supposed to walk up to people around here? ...Sure, it was a casual place, but Barrett Thorne didn't do casual...he just wasn't good at that.
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