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 Ahban, Savannah Central
Ahban Savarrah
 Posted: Jan 3 2018, 10:23 PM

I'm Played By Blackbird

African Wild Dog 

Blackbird IS Offline

Awards: None

Name: Ahban Savarrah
Gender: Female
Age equivalent: 21
Species: African Wild Dog
Height: 5'0
Weight: 90 lbs
Residence Biome: Savannah
Residence: Apartment
Profession: Singer at Red Dragon


- Mom : Ayleen
- Father : Donny

General appearance: Ahban looks just like any other African Wild Dog; large ears, and a patch-mark pelt. Her pelt's base is brownish tan, with splotches of white, grey, darker brown, and black. There is a large white splotch on her chest, just high enough to be seen with a sloping neckline but not to stick out above most shirt necklines. Her eyes are a reddish brown, with black circle markings around them like glasses. The majority of her markings are black, with white marks that seem to twine down her arms and legs like snakes on a tree. Her ears are mostly tan, but rimmed with black. She is fairly scrawny, standing barely at five foot nothing and weighing little. She has rather rounded hips, which she puts to good use when performing.

When not performing or at work, she tends to dress rather casually. Usually a red, green, or blue shirt that has a conservative neckline, and sleeves that go halfway to her elbows. Along with this, is usually a pair of jeans that reach either to her ankles or to half-way passed her knees.

When performing, however, she goes a bit more risque. A long red or blue dress, usually reaching down to her knees, although occasionally only down to her thighs. The neckline tends to be fairly sloping, revealing the splotch of white on her chest. Sometimes, she adorns this with a necklace, something slight and dainty like a chain.


- Quiet
- Shy
- Nervous
- Enjoys singing
- Kind

Goals & Plot Ideas: will become a singer at Red Dragon. Eventually find a mate and have pups?

Notes: Is shy, but comes out of her shell when performing.


Player Name: Blackbird
Art Source: (where your art came from, so we can check that it's either free to use or used with permission)

user posted image
 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 09:25 PM

I'm Played By Dremulf
27 (this is the OOC account) YEARS OLD


Dremulf IS Offline

Awards: None

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