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Welcome to Zootropolis Chronicles, a fan-based play-by-post RPG taking place in the world imagined by the film, Zootopia -created by Disney. In Zootroplolis Chornicles, all characters take the form of Anthropomorphic Animals (walks on two legs) and live their lives in place of humans. In Zootopia, animals wear clothes, they use technology, and they live in harmony with one another.

However, don't let it's peaceful nature catch you off guard. Zootopia is filled with crime, plagued with distress, and is suffering from what could be seen as nothing less than it's own locally hidden power-struggle. As one once said, "we may have evolved, but deep down -we're still animals."

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 The Naughty that is Aislin Forge
Aislin Forge
 Posted: Feb 25 2018, 10:30 PM

I'm Played By Aislin


Law Enforcement 
Aislin IS Offline

Awards: None

Hover over the image for a summary of her. If you wish to reply to this shipper and request plots, please use the code at the bottom to do so.

Aislin Forge
Aislin is a full time law enforcement officer. When she is not on duty, she is typically out at the club as she is an insomniac. Her line of work doesn't exactly allow her a lot of sleep. Aislin is blunt, uncaring about other peoples problems except her own, and generally looks to live life as much as she can. She doesn't go anywhere without her pistol as you just never know what might happen.

Aislin is part German Shepherd, part Wolf, and though her pelt is the colors of a German Shepherd, her bulk and skeletal structure of the wolf helps her with her line of work. Some call her a mud blood, but she calls herself sexy and often flaunts her body off at the clubs she goes to. Those attracted to her typically try to take her home only to find disappointment in the end.

If you are looking to get some threads going or even want to start a relationship with Aislin, you are more than welcome to it. You have to remember that she has no filter and she goes out of her way to offend people on occasion to see what their limits are. If they can put up with her then congratulations - she will be your friend.
You have to be a certain sort of cray cray in order to be friends with Aislin. While her bark is as bad as her bite, she isn't always sharp and cold. It just takes a lot to get past the blunt part of her personality. Aislin is careful who she chooses her friends to be and only the ones that have completely proven their loyalty to her will win her trust.
It takes a lot to make an enemy of Aislin, but when you become hers then it becomes permanent. Nothing can make her pissed off more than being betrayed or lied to, taken advantage of, or even underappreciated and devalued. Aislin knows she's important, she knows what she deserves, and anyone that tries to stop her ultimately get the shut out treatment after being beaten first.
Romance is such a fickle thing to her because she likes to fuck around a lot anyway - with the right people of course. She's sexy and she knows it, so Aislin is happy to flaunt it off. There are certain traits, however, that she is ultimately attracted to in a forever partner. Loyalty, trust, honesty, and respect are the basics that any relationship should have. Then are the traits a man should have to make a woman feel worthy, protected, loved, and like she's the last woman on earth that really make her think about settling down. She has yet to come across a man that appreciates just who she is and her flaws, so until she finds that man there is no romance for her.

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