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Forum Rules Sahara Never Sleeps

Sahara Square is a district for desert mammals in the city of Zootopia. Due to the fact that most of the creatures of the desert are nocturnal, this district of Zootopia can be seen bustling with activity at odd hours throughout the night.

Due to the fact that the city is busiest at night, there is a lot of crime in this area. The streets are flooded with lights and lined with casinos and a massive hotel siting at it's center. Surrounded by an Oasis, there are water-theme parks thriving throughout the community and race tracks for special sports events and even a stadium at it's heart.

The artificial climate generated by the city keeps this area rather sweltering, those not indoctrinated to it's climate will find it difficult to live comfortably here, however, with all the casinos and the hotels, many folk find themselves forcing themselves inward to make a living and maintain a job. Needless to say, tempers are often high resulting in a higher than normal police presence in the area.

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 Sahara Square
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