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Savanah Central Park is a massive park located just off of Downtown city central. This area of the city is considered to be the busiest and has some of the highest police presence out of all the districts in all of Zootopia.

Nestled here in this preserve one will find a small wooded forest complete with recreational activities such as golf, a tennis court, and even a stadium where the city holds it's special event sand concerts. Also here is the Marina and the race track!

With Savanah central Park being the busiest, let's not even get started with the traffic! -The roads are often crowded and boasts the largest number of traffic accidents in the entire city. In addition to the activity throughout the city, Savanah central Park also has some of the largest criminal activity, as the area is crawling with small businesses in which the crime families solicitate for "protection money" from the shop-keepers

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 Savannah Central Park
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