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Location: Tundratown, Zootopia
Born: 30 September 1997
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Character's Age: 24
Secondary Avatar: http://orig10.deviantart.net/0996/f/2014/074/5/e/magic__the_gathering_red_mana_symbol_neon_wp_by_morganrlewis-d7aaqiy.png
Lyrics/Quote: "Good music's a mix of sound, science, and soul."
Application Link: http://xzootropolischronicles.jcink.net/index.php?act=ST&f=9&t=1234
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Species: Carpathian Wild Boar
Occupation: Mucis store owner
Status: Active
OOC name: TheHook
Joined: 30-December 16
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Dec 17 2017, 10:26 PM
On one hand, Willie felt kind of bad about shutting down his entire store for the day just to hang out with someone for some online event. But at the same time he was a sucker for the holiday spirit and this whole "secret santa" game had him hooked. He'd been given a name and told to pick a gift for that person, or prank them. Thankfully for Nicholas O'Brien he wasn't a prankster, although his gift might come off as a joke.

He knew 'Brody' wasn't native to Zootopia, he was Irish by birth and had a family in the city. So he had decided to get him something that might cover both angles, a sort of Irish care package containing stories, nursery rhymes, and songs from the Emerald Isle. Hopefully he wouldn't get punched for his rather stereotypical choice in gift, but he had done his homework and tried to make something that an Irish family would grow up with in their home.

In any event, he'd already called and asked Brody to meet him at a restaurant in Downtown Zootopia, since his articly-inclined body wasn't going anywhere near the warmer Savanah Central. All he had to do now was wait.

Aug 6 2017, 03:55 PM
The Body Electric.

Willie had never read any Walt Whitram, but it didn't lessen his appreciation of the name. The Body Electric was a musical club in the Sahara Square, a classy institution, not overly restrictive but not a ratty bar either. Just the perfect place for someone like Willie, especially considering he'd heard that a new pianist was in town. Charlie, the old gazelle who ran the joint had a tendency to snatch up new acts the second they hit the scene so the boar began searching with him first.

Entering the bar Willie was struck with the same familiar warm atmosphere mingling with the scent of strong alcohol and smoke. The interior was well upholstered with reptile leather and the woodwork was both natural and well maintained. A variety of mammals sat at booths and tables which spread throughout the interior space, with a wooden bar to the left, and a stage with a piano to the right. Old Charlie was still behind the counter, slinging whiskeys and bourbons down the bar this way and that being a master of sliding drinks across wooden surfaces.

Willie had been prepared to sit down at the bar when he heard the patrons begin to clap. Apparently the new musician was taking the stage, and he did not want to miss this.

@Gary Marceau
Mar 20 2017, 09:42 PM
It was rare for Willie to stray so far from home on such a warm day, especially without any solid business reason. But he was falling into one of his usual bouts of stir craziness, so he'd taken to the streets. Finding a nice spot in the park across from Zootropolis General, he parked his posterior on a stone wall, taking out his Fawnder brand acoustic guitar and setting a stack of business cards in his open case. He didn't need the money, and in all honesty would probably pass it along to someone else on the way home, this was more about sharing tunes with passersby and enjoying nature. Taking second to tune his instrument, he cut into his first song of the day

Jan 8 2017, 11:35 PM
'Why is it always so hard to tune a G on my bass?'

A thought Willie presented solely to himself as he sat behind the counter of his music store, endlessly fiddling away with his Furder bass guitar. He loved the instrument to death, but for some reason beyond his comprehension, it took his four times as long to tune a G on it than any other note. And it certainly wasn't for any inadequacies as a musician, the boar held a Bachelor of Music, yet the G chord eluded him so. Setting the old bass back in its case and closing it up, he decided not to stress himself over instrument. He always figured it out later anyway, nothing to lose fur over.

Poking his head out from behind the counter of his store, he surveyed the building from behind his mirrored shades. The massive room was a good ten feet tall at least, walls and aisles lined with instruments, musical supplies, and books of music. Everything had been broken up by section, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings, in addition to other miscellaneous pieces of musical and sound equipment. He'd even set up a pair of soundproofed backrooms people could rent out to play around with amplified instruments. All in all, a decent set-up, a great place for musicians of all stripes to hang out, discuss music, and buy instruments.

The sound of his rather large doors swinging open, accompanied by the ringing of the small bell mounted over the threshold and a bracing gust of cold Tundratown air. Turning to his latest customer, he aimed a warm, relaxed grin at the newcomer, giving them a casual nod.

"Welcome to Whole Hog Tunes."
Jan 4 2017, 05:19 PM
Willie often wondered why the guys who designed the weather system's for Zootopia's districts sprang for 'realism' rather than 'comfort'. Sandstorms in the Sahara, monsoons in the Rainforest and Canals, and of course, snow storms in Tundratown. Like the one going on right now, that had turned most of the district into a frigid haze of snow and high winds. Now, despite being biologically adapted to the cold in their home biome, no mammal in their right mind was going to brave the storm just to get home, and were forced to find shelter.

Shelter which he was generously willing to provide in his music store, Whole Hog Tunes. He couldn't, in good conscience, bring himself to seal the establishment up even with the blizzard raging outside, as he knew people might need a place to wait for the storm to settle. In the meantime, people were free to peruse the store, test the equipment, or listen to some the musicians that had been caught inside play around. It did his heart good to see so many different mammals just hanging out in such close quarters, chatting and enjoying music. It was amazing what a little snow storm could do to people.

Maybe this was why they sprang for realism...

@Jaxxen A Voxmen
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