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Lyrics/Quote: "no one knows what its like, to be the bad man, to be the sad man, behind blue eyes"
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Scott Rosario


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Dec 18 2017, 08:06 AM
Scott had received a letter and frowned as he looked at it. Secret santa? What and when did he sign up for that?! He sighed a bit and then looked at the name. Taking his time to figure out a) where this kid worked and http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif what he liked took a few days before he was pretty sure what he wanted to get him. Spending a few hundred dollars on it he decided to show up at the mammal's place of work.

Once there he simply asked where he was, gift in hand as he was aimed to the location. When he got there he was almost disgusted by the area. how did he work in this? he cleared his throat as he eyed the opossum. "Are you Zachary Locke?" he drawled, the large wolf gazing down at the pot belly mammal. Inside the wrapped box was a mint condition anime figure of the opossums favorite, at least from Scott's research.

@Zachary Locke
Dec 6 2017, 08:11 PM
Warnings: Violence and under 18 violence (No Child Violence)

Scott was resting at the bar before he got bored and got up, leaving the bar. He hadn't seen Sadie for a bit, figuring the fisher cat was busy with other possible gang related things. He did his small job at the veteran's center earlier that morning, but now he simply began to walk around and check on the kids. They were doing their usual stuff, some just getting out of school and greeting the dire with smiles and hugs. He would always return them and ask how they were doing.

He was near the station, waving bye to some of the kids that had to jump on to head home and others that were coming off. He knew some of the kids and saw one that he knew Ragnar had helped out. HE gave the kid a wave before getting attacked with a hug by a smaller lioness. He laughed and picked her up as they headed out of the station. He put her down and waved goodbye to her and her older brother.

he smiled and then sighed a bit and began to head down away. Of course he had no idea about the mammal that was sitting up in a building, watching his movements. It was a fake cop, smirking as he loaded the dart in the sniper and then took aim, waiting for Scott to pause in which he did only to wait to cross the street. The moment he stopped, he pulled the trigger.

The sting of the dart needle made scott wince and instantly go to smack whatever it was. When he pulled it out he realized it was a dart. But of what? he stood there confused until the effects began to happen. he could feel something inside him, breaking up what consciousness he had as he held his head and grunted, growling and snarling suddenly. Mammals around him looked at him and one placed a hand on his shoulder.

It was a deadly mistake. The touch sent scott on this impulse rampage. Suddenly his senses were heightened, noises and screams seem to flood his ears like a bad trip. His eyes widened and dilated and the paw against his shoulder was grabbed and he yanked him close to slam his head into his, snarling and then biting at his arm, causing the tiger to scream in pain.

Scott only snarled and shoved him away, like his mind was battling with him, screaming which soon turned into a howl and other mammals began to rush away, which only triggered the need to chase. he snarled and began to chase them, the other mammals moving in a way to try and stop him which only caused him to attack and slash at them.

It was like a bad dream. What he saw was not mammals. He wasn't sure what he saw, but they were dark, disgusting. He had to kill them, but every time he would attack one, another would come and he had to move away and attack them. In reality, He continued to hurt more and more people as younglings fled away. Some who knew scott tried to rush over to help, a young lion ran over only to be stopped by an older yet smaller jackel. It had been Titus. Scott had seen something rush him only to see a dark figure and attacked it. He pounced on the jackel who seemingly fought hard while telling the others to run. He gave a hard slash across his face, a claw hitting his neck before he was slammed into.

There was a Rhino that slammed into Scott, making him topple over as he stood back up and attacked it back. Scott was causing such carnage, leaving one injured mammal after another as cops and ambulances were called. He continued to fight the drug almost, screaming and holding his head like it was a nightmare. He attacked and ruthlessly hurt anyone who got near him and even as he saw people run he chased them down. He attacked anything and anyone. Not knowing what he was doing.
Mar 23 2017, 09:34 AM
Scott had a rather enjoyable time with Sadie and glad that someone was watching the kit when he would leave his apartment. He had gone to a bar that he made it a nightly visit to at hours in which he couldn't sleep. Most seemed to know his face from the awards ceremony but thankfully it had died down and then gave him his space.

HE sat in the corner of the bar, drinking his tall whiskey. he was watching everyone that entered the bar, a few other predators that were becoming loud and the establishment he knew was run by one of Ragnr's people. A deep growl was emitted from Scott's chest as some of the heard, the aimed the others to quiet down.

Satisfied, he went back to his own things, drinking his whiskey and then opening his book, reading it calmly while the music of the bar sang over the speakers. It was nice and relaxing, though it was clear that prey animals stayed well away from the establishment.

@Emmanuel Bachman

Mar 21 2017, 06:34 AM
Scott was cooking some soup, watching the liquid bubble as the small fennec kit sat on his bed in the corner of his apartment, curled in a bundle of blankets and towels. he was wet from a shower and still in pain from the abuse he endured.

The kit ran to scott's apartment several blocks down for shelter from his abusive uncle. Scott placed the top on the pot and changed the movie in the tv that hung on the wall, turning the tv so it could be seen easier from the bed.

his apartment was neat and large. he had a single couch in the middle after the kitchen from the front door. his large tv hanging there. In the far corner was his bed and room separators were off to the side for now. in his dining area he had a small round table and two chairs.

he had one coffee table and one end table next to his bed. He lived simply. There was a three door dresser near his closet door and bathroom door. he grabbed a bottle of water and walked over, handing it to the kit. "feeling better?" he asked gently.

the kit unbundled himself, a large shirt that scott gave him hung on him like a dress, crawling into scotts lap and hugging him. "..a-a little.." he whispered. his ankle was bent, tail was limp and his ear was badly wrapped from being torn. Scott had to do something to stop the bleeding after all. His tan fur was still a bit red from some wounds still bleeding.

Scott had called Ragnr and in return his old boss gave him another number, calling this Sadie instead. He gave her his address and stressed to come quickly. He knew the kit was in pain but he had nothing for him medicine wise.

Mar 19 2017, 12:15 PM
Whether or not it was a smart idea to try out as many bars as he could, that was up to Scott to decide. AFter his usual morning he had ventured off to the Sahara square. When he spied 'The SIckly Gazelle' he was hardly tempted to go in, however to much of his own despise, he ventured in anyways.

Once in he gazed around, seeing few glance up and look at him. He paid them no mind. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt since his fur did make him essentially hot in the area. He wore shorts and his muscles and body physique was easy to see through his clothing. He was glad he brushed his neck fur before hand.

MAking his way to the bar, he gave a head motion before a sharp whistle for the barkeep. "Double whiskey, no ice." he stated.


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