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Character's Age: 14
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Application Link: http://xzootropolischronicles.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=1760
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Species: Dog
Occupation: Teen
Status: High Muse
OOC name: xexes
Joined: 23-March 17
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Amy Kuvasz


My Content
Mar 23 2017, 02:19 PM
"You're not taking your meds!", Amy's mother accused, shaking a well-worn dish towel at her. Seriously, the towel had bite marks and frayed edges and everything; it would have made a better table centerpiece than a towel.

"Yes I AM!", Amy turned around and stormed off.

"Don't you DARE TURN YOUR BACK-", her mother shouted, but didn't get to finish as Amy had already come back. She shook an orange transparent bottle so that it rattled and then threw it at her mother, who dodged it with ease, use to such temper explosions.

"I am TOO taking my meds, see for yourself, MOTHER", she shouted.


"UGHHH!", Amy growled in disgust, turning around and marching away.

"Ever since your brother died you've been acting up and you're going to see Dr.Phelps THIS AFTERNOON!", her mother shouted back.

"Why can't you just believe me! I'm not crazy!", Amy's voice as a defeated whine of inner hurt.

Amy had come near the door and instead of turning to go to her room, she turned the handle and went, marching out of their tiny trailer home. Her paws had barely hit the asphalt when she felt water stinging her eyes. But it made a strange noise.


"Huh?", she felt her pulse in her throat as she examined her paws, touching her eyes to find tears there. But the noise only got louder.



"15 year old patient in a traffic accident, sir! She shows bruising everywhere, we haven't been able to check for broken - ", a llama hovered over a gourney, suddenly enraptured in the white poofy chest.

"For heaven's sakes, she's getting ready to go into cardiac arrest! Get a crash cart!", the llama ordered an attendant. "And go get Ajayi!", the llama added.

"Room 12!", a horse at the nurses station across the hall shouted at the llama, hearing the plight. The llama would thank her later for being so on the ball.

"There, there!", they ran at break-neck speeds as the beeping on the cardiograph got longer and more insistent, like a wailing tune.

With much clatter the gourney was rolled into the room by two para-mammals, and they started to lift the gourney up to transfer the unmoving body of Amy, but the llama stopped them, shooing them away as she expertly lifted the EKG paddles of the machine already placed in that room.


"CLEAR!", she barked out like a dog, though she was not. The paramedic mammals obeyed instantly and Amy's chest rose from the electrical charge like something escaping.








"Okay, move her", the Lama ordered once a steady heart beat had returned. The mammals did so quickly and expertly, and then turned and left, wheeling out their gourney with them. With Amy now successfully on a patient bed, the Llama began to work, checking for broken bones, checking the pupils, checking for bleeding and scrapes.

Amy had been hit head-on by a freight truck.

The llama started scribbling notes on a chart. A lot of notes.


Open for whomever wants to join
Mar 23 2017, 01:51 PM
Name: Amy Kuvasz
Gender identity: Female
Age equivalent: 14
Species: Dog (Kuvasz)
Height: 3' 1"
Weight: 80lbs

Residence Biome: Metropolis
Residence: Trailer Home
Profession: dependent child

- Jill - Mother
- Paul - Father (divorced and living with someone else)
- Philip - deceased, murdered

General appearance: Amy has soulfull mahogany eyes with an all white, long-furred pelt that tends to matt.

Personality: Amy is a dog's dog and is a rough-n-tumble rangle-em-up get-er-done cowgirl with a lot of spunk and can-do. She treats everyone equally and has no qualms about embarrassing someone. She is blunt and tends to use more force than necessary but she is not clumsy. Sometimes she can be a bit quiet but she tends to be rude and brash.

Goals & Plot Ideas:
Being a bully
Stepping on other smaller creatures
Obtaining justice for her brother's murder
Helping mom with the divorce and loss of her brother

Notes: Amy is the brother of Philip Kuvasz and she looks much the same.


Player Name: xexes
Art Source: wikipedia
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