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 Premium Service and Restricted Tags
 Posted: Jun 1 2016, 07:21 AM

I'm Played By Naxx

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Premium Service & Restricted Tags

As many of you are now aware, Zootropolis Chronicles is now a paid subscriber to JCINK's Premium Service. This is mainly due to the fact that Ad-Free is no longer available as a cheaper version to remove adds from the forum. Our subscription renews once a year - removes ads from the forum, gives us more bandwidth, and even more upload room.

However, what this also means is that we are no longer restricted by what content that we are allowed to have on our forum. If you wish to have extreme gore in your posts, you are free to do so. If you want to have an epic love-making fest and want to go into as much detail as you want, you are also free to do so, but please do so at the respect of your fellow role-players.

Keep in mind that there may be a tolerance level to some of our members and that some may not even be old enough to view this content. We have placed counter-measures to prevent this from happening, in which case if the user chooses to intentionally falsify their age - we will no longer be liable for any consequential action that may be sought out by the user's parents, JCINk, or otherwise. However, it rests on YOU, as the potential author to such content - to use these features that have been made in place for our protection!

The "Restricted" Tag

Included with our Premium Subscription we get heightened security and the right to post adult material if we so much desire to do so. But protect us! Please shield your adult content using the "Restricted Tags!"


[restricted]PARAGRAPH (...or 2, maybe even 10...)[/restricted]

Using this code in your posts, regardless of it being HTML or BB Code, will censor the designated part between the tags. An unverified user will be forced to verify his age in order to continue reading the subjected content, thus making us immune should they choose to report the content to their parents, or JCINK. As countermeasures have been put in place and they chose to intentionally falsify their age - by which then we are not liable and therefore, cannot be subjected to disciplinary action including site termination. However, the responsibility rests on you to use this feature and exercise it indiscriminately. If you feel that perhaps your post may contain content that wouldn't be subjected or appropriate to those under 18, don't hesitate. It's just a precautionary, if you need a second opinion, don't be afraid to ask one of us, we'll be sure to give you a prompt answer!

As an example, I'm going to demonstrate the "Restricted Tags" below:

Content Restricted
This content is viewable to age-verified viewers only. Please see this page for more information.

As you read this article, the settings have only been set to verify your age per account, which means that once you verify your age once on that account, then you will no longer need to. The option remains undecided if we want to conduct this as a "per view" scenario, but at the moment, we are going to settle for a less invasive method (and probably less annoying)

What does this mean? Once you verify your age, the age-verification request will no longer show up (to you) -however, to those who are yet to verify their age, it will show up. If you need to test and check to see if it is showing up, try logging into an account that is not yet age-verified.

If you have any questions as to how to use this, or any other concerns, you may ask me via pm, email, or by replying to this topic, thanks and happy threading!


 Posted: Feb 3 2017, 05:11 PM

I'm Played By xexes


xexes IS Offline

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Just a quick reminder to please continue to mark your threads as [M] or [NSFW] AND to use the
Content Restricted
This content is viewable to age-verified viewers only. Please see this page for more information.
tags. This helps keep our site safe from ill-meaning people.

Sometime this week I will be going through posts to make sure that those tags are there. Please help our clean-up efforts and properly tag your posts! Yeah I'm not going to be going through posts, clean up your own damn mess, I'm not yo mama. You made the mess, you clean it up.
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