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Forum Rules Character Registration and Census

Welcome to "Zootropolis Chronicle's" Character Creation area. This is where you will make your character for use on the site. Use the links to get the form that you will need below.

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 Character Application, How To Apply
 Posted: Mar 11 2016, 02:48 PM

I'm Played By xexes


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0. Character types
We accept cannon characters from Zootopia (cannon list is here), original characters, and everything else in between. The world of Disney's Zootopia only has mammals in it, though. This may change if there is enough demand. But for right now that means we don't accept fish, reptiles, aquatic based life forms, and birds.

1. Post your character application

Start a new topic, using your character's account:

Topic Title: <your character's name>
Topic Description: <Residence Biome>

and then fill out this template below.In the next post, below this one, is a list of some common problem spots. For example, we are really mindful that character art isn't stolen.

Character application template:

[b]Age equivalent:[/b] (in human years, how old is your character?)
[b]Species:[/b] (ex: white tailed deer)
[b]Height:[/b] (how tall does your character stand?)
[b]Weight:[/b] (who dies of crush weight when your character sits down? NOTE: We're not looking for preciseness, just a general idea. We know that Disney is not consistent with heights and weights, we just wanted to have some awareness of physics for all physics/measurement-related situations characters might get into. If you aren't sure, honestly we aren't either, so do the best you can and its good enough. You can use the length and weight of a species as a guideline or you can look at other character's applications for an idea of what to put here.)

[b]Residence Biome:[/b] (ex: metropolis, polar, tropical, etc)
[b]Residence:[/b] (ex: an apartment, a cottage, a farm)
[b]Profession:[/b] (ex: student, sewage maintenance worker )

- crazy aunt Laurie
- first-cousin Jimmy who's in jail, ...)

[b]General appearance:[/b] (eye color, fur/hide color, clothing styles, etc/ Note that characters should have appearances generally found REALISTICALLY with their species. Ex, no pure black foxes, no polka-dotted purple-striped pelts. Please stay true to the world imagined by Disney)

[b]Personality:[/b] (bullets or paragraphs)

[b]Goals & Plot Ideas:[/b] (how your character might grow, what your character might accomplish, plot tie-ins, plot ideas for others. Feel free to put this in your plotter; it's here to get you thinking. Write it, draw it, whatever, something must be put here.)

[b]Notes:[/b] (if you have any special notes about your characters, for example, perhaps they have contagious conjunctivitis)


[b]Player Name:[/b] (what alias you go by)
[b]Art Source:[/b] (where your art came from, so we can check that it's either free to use or used with permission)

2. Fill out profile items: OOC name and application link
Fill out your My Controls > Edit Profile Info with your OOC name and application link for your character. Anything else is optional. These two items should be filled out for every character.

3. Notify staff
Let staff know that you did an application (or edit) in this thread: Application notification topic

4. Do NOT wait around! Go play!
Go start playing the game! No need to wait around, we are a no-wait site. Start your journal or plotters or trackers, take on some threads, get going! Go have fun!
 Posted: Apr 22 2016, 06:03 PM

I'm Played By xexes


xexes IS Offline

Awards: 1

Most Common Trouble Areas

Most mistakes are just from being in a hurry and forgetting to fill out fields.

Posted the app as your OOC account. *

Topic Title isn't your character's name *

Topic description isn't of the format "<residence biome>" , ex : "Metropolis" is perfect.*

Forgot to fill out the height/weight fields. Any guestimate will do, we know Disney isn't consistent.

Character's features aren't realistic, for example, a purple-skinned elephant. Any color eyes is fine.

Character's species isn't specific enough. For example "bunny" should really be more specific, like "Cottontail mix".

Used an art but forgot to fill out Art Source with where exactly the art is from - author, website, etc. ("Google" isn't specific enough).

Art was used without the creator's explicit permission. (read about art here)

* These fields are hidden during quick edit, so to fix, go to Edit > Full Edit
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