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Jan 2 2018, 05:25 AM
Police Communication Codes

As we try to strive for realism in a world depicted cartoonishly (lol) - we wanted to share with you some interesting information about radio codes. Sometimes in my posts, I have my police officer characters communicate with 10-codes using the codes to send message quickly and discretely. At the request of @xexes, I have gone ahead and published the communication codes to the site for you to use and reference to in the need that you would like to do the same in your posts.

<div class="datagrid"><table><th>10-Code</th><th>Description</th><th>Code</th><th>Description</th></tr></thead>
<tbody><tr><td><b>10-1</b></td><td>Receiving Poorly</td><td><b>1</b></td><td>Bomb Threat</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-2</b></td><td>Receiving Well</td><td><b>2</b></td><td>Urgent</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-4</b></td><td>Message Received</td><td><b>3</b></td><td>Emergency</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-6</b></td><td>Busy (Made contact + Description)</td><td><b>4</b></td><td>No Further Assistance Needed/All Clear</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-7</b></td><td>Out of Service/Off-Duty/End of Shift</td><td><b>5</b></td><td>Surveillance</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-8</b></td><td>In Service/On Duty/Beginning Shift</td><td><b>7</b></td><td>Out to Eat/On Break</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-9</b></td><td>Repeat Message</td><td><b>12</b></td><td>Lock-out</b></td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-10</b></td><td>Out of Service Monitoring Radio</td><td><b>19</b></td><td>Training</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-11</b></td><td>Talk slower</td><td><b>20</b></td><td>Wellfare Check (Status)</b></td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-13</b></td><td>Road Conditions/Weather</td><td><b>31</b></td><td>Individual has concealed weapon's permit</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-15</b></td><td>Prisoner</td><td><b>34</b></td><td>Motorist Assist</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-16</b></td><td>Dangerous / Person</td><td><b>101</b></td><td>Female</td><tr>
<tr><td><b>10-18</b></td><td>Abandoned Vehicle</td><td><b>102</b></td><td>Passenger</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-76/10-19</b></td><td>Enroute to/Return to</td><td><b>103</b></td><td>Headquarters</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-20</b><td>Your Location</td><td><b>2-11</b></td><td>Armed Robbery</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-21</b></td><td>Call Me (Telephone)</b></td><td><b>2-40</b></td><td>Suspicious Person</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-22</b></td><td>Disregard</td><td><b>2-41</b></td><td>Suspicious Activity</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-27</b></td><td>Driver's License Check</td><td><b>3-09</b></td><td>Patrol Stop</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-27R</b></td><td>Driver's License Revoked</td><td><b>3-09D</b></td><td>Controlled Delivery -Escort</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-27S</b></td><td>Driver's License Suspended</td><td><b>3-50</b></td><td>Active Shooter</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-28</b></td><td>Vehicle Registration Check</td><td><b>4-34</b></td><td>Drugs</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-29</b></td><td>Check Wants and Warrants</td><td><b>6-93</b></td><td>Reckless Driver</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-35</b></td><td>Confidential Information</td><td><b>7-02</b></td><td>Speeder</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-38</b></td><td>Suspect has warrant or search terms</td><td><b>9-25</b></td><td>Send Ambulance/Rescue</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-38M</b></td><td>Misdemeanor</td><td><b>9-26</b></td><td>Send Tow Truck/Wrecker</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-38MS</b></td><td>Misdemeanor Simularity</td><td><b>9-61</b></td><td>None-Injury Traffic Collision</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-38F</b></td><td>Felony Simularity</td><td><b>9-61A</b></td><td>None-Injury Traffic Collision (officer involved)</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-40</b></td><td>Stolen Vehicle</td><td><b>9-62</b></td><td>Traffic Collision with Injury</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-42</b></td><td>Officer at Home</td><td><b>9-62A</b></td><td>Traffic Collision with Injury (officer involved)</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-43</b></td><td>No Traffic</td><td><b>9-63</b></td><td>Traffic Collision with Fatality</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-45</b></td><td>Meet the Unit</td><td><b>9-63A</b></td><td>Traffic Collision with Fatality (officer involved)</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-46</b></td><td>Any Traffic</td><td><b>9-64</b></td><td>Visitor/window traffic</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-51</b></td><td>Send Back-up/Officer needs help</td><td><b>9-98</b></td><td>Officer involved in shooting</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-52</b></td><td>Switch Channels</td><td><b>9-99</b></td><td>Officer Needs Help (Urgent)</b></td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-52E</b></td><td>Switch to Encrypted</td><td><b>13-81</b></td><td>Driving under the influence</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-97</b></td><td>Arrived at Scene</td><td><b>1-87</td><td>Dead Body</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-98</b></td><td>Assignment Completed</td><td><b>1-87S</td><td>Dead Body (suicide)</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-100</b></td><td>Break (lunch)</td><td><b>1-87H</td><td>Dead Body (Homicide)</td></tr>
<tr><td><b>10-102</b></td><td>Communication Break, emergency traffic only</td><td><b>9-41</b></td><td>Officer Down</td></tr>


Almost every officer has a "so-called" call-sign. Contrary to the belief, this is actually not true. When you hear an officer call out a so-called "call-sign" -what he's actually using is his car-number. All police vehicles are registered to a precinct. In Zootopia, we have 6 precincts. Here they are:

Downtown - Precinct 1
Tundra Town Precinct 4
Little Rodentia Precinct 5
Savannah Central - Precinct 2
Rainforest District & Canal District Precinct 3
Exterior Areas (Meadowlands, Outback Isle, etc) - Sherrif's Dept. 6th Precinct.

Contrary to what you may thing you know about call-signs, the first number in a call sign is actually the precinct number. For Example, my character is working a shift in Distict 3, is assigned car 19. His call sign would be 3-19. If he had a partner and his partner had to use the radio, this would be digitized by an additional number, and that would be 2.

Being used practically, we're going to call on Duty.
Dispatch : "3-19, 10-2, go-ahead."
"3-19, 10-8 at zero-seven-double-zero."
Dispatch : "500 to 3-19, you're 10-8 at 07:00."

Translation : Car Precinct 3, unit 19, on duty at 7am.

Partner Calling on duty:
"3-19-2, show 10-8 at zero-seven-zero zero."

The driver of the car will always assume the vehicle's assigned number. (make this up as you go). Precinct First + Car Number" - though the driver of the vehicle is not required to abbreviate his designation number, the partner to that driver is. This will be annotated as 2

Driver - 3-19
Partner - 3-19-2

In any case, I just thought this would be some nice helpful information to save you the time of doing it yourself. Have fun!
Jan 1 2018, 04:45 AM
Hey there, Folks!

With the new year now upon us, it's time to discuss some upcoming events that you'll probably like to take interest in and participate in with your characters.

First of all, we would all like to thank xexes who programmed our Discord widget to allow guests and other members to communicate with us LIVE TIME via a built-in site widget. Xexes has worked many long hours to get this to work and we would all like to extend our appreciation for her efforts. Now, guests will no longer have to log-in or click a link to communicate with us, in essence - they get a live preview on how to see just how active our community actually is, and in the long-run - allow us to conserve financial assets. By creating the widget and having it take place of our cbox, she saved me $20!

Site wise - JCINK Premium service has been renewed and we will be retaining our 3-2-3 rating. We will continue to allow adult material so long as they remain in the previously discussed Restricted Tags - you can find more on this Here - Feel free to contact an Administrator if you find that you have some concerns that you wish to discuss.

As always, we will remain a no-word-count rpg. We're not out to be competitive, we're not out to write novels, but in the event that you choose to do so, you might want to check out our new Creation Corner!

As different as we are, we always will be a fan based community first. Our inspiration is drawn from a world created by a film director and our deriviative is based on that world. In this new section of our site, you can now create stories, art work and comics and show it off to all of our friends. This section is closed to members only, and is also age restricted when you folks have the inspiration to write something a tad bit darker than the usual setting.

In-Character Event - Where were You during the Night Howler Incident?
Where was your character, and what were they doing during the events that took place throughout the course of the film? In this site event, you can rp with your friends in a none-cannon setting depicting the events that took place throughout the film with your character's experiences. From the initial news announcement, the panic that ensued afterwards, the political declination, to the legislation that nearly resulted in the eviction of all predators from the city, and even the concern of control collars! Be creative! Have fun!

As always, our goal is to become bigger and better, but most of all, it is to make our community your personal home. If you ever have any suggestions that you feel we should possibly take into consideration, don't be afraid to contact us at any time. We're usually quick to respond to these and take all suggestions into consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sep 18 2017, 12:49 AM
After a long haitus, which concluded a new job change, getting a second job, and a few hospital stays (lol) - I, Naxx - have decided to finally return!

You will notice that all the site images have finally been restored, the links for the discord are up, as well as links to download the apps if you are on your phone. I wish all of us a great and happy fulfilling year of destroying our innocence, giving Dremulf atomic wedgies, and Ezekial 2 strokes from a heart attack. We also look forward to putting xexes through menopause 10 years early with all our shenanigans, and who knows. Maybe Dremulf's balls will finally drop for a change http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif Who knows? Maybe Nox will finally get laid, and Lupin will finally get his driver's license this year!

Glad to be back ya'll! Looking forward to roleplaying with each and every one of you.

@xexes, @Lupin le Wulfe @Ezekial @Dremulf @Nox
Feb 6 2017, 09:53 AM
Hey guys, I have some canon characters that are available for adoption. I've never been really interested in canon characters - mainly because they're annoying to find replacements for.

I got everyone's favorite fox, Nick Wilde up for adoption, a character I was never really interested in taking up in the first place.

I also have, Chief Bogo.

Let me know if you're interested by replying, thanks!
Feb 3 2017, 10:53 PM
The World of Zootopia

Note - This is a collaborative project between members and staff to develop and piece together the world of Zootopia as dictated by our own creativity, and should not be credited as being true to the world created by Disney. The information on this page is a collaboration of ideas, thoughts, and perhaps even a timeline of the world envisioned on this community, and this community alone.

The World
As many of you are already familiar with, in the world of Zootopia - humans never happened. There was never a cavemen, (or maybe there was and he got eaten by some giant rat). Simply put, wherever man was in our history (in the making) instead, animals lived those events. They survived the ice age, the hunted, they killed, they evolved.

The world, is Earth. It's the same shape, the same size, (hopefully still round) -it has one moon, and it's orbit is completely crowded with satellites that all don't do much of anything accept create a road block of even more of them.

Zootopia is not the only city where mammals came together. In fact, there are numerous others located throughout the world featuring the same ideals and the same culture. Other major cities include:

CITY NAME HERE - Present Day United Kingdom
CITY NAME HERE - Present Day Middle East
CITY NAME HERE - Present Day Antarctica
CITY NAME HERE - Present Day Northern Pole
Zootopia - Based on present day, Los Angeles, California in the United States.

Though there are no international incidents ongoing at this time, there is rumor and concern about a certain predator group that is trying to rally those like-wise to support his Predator Supremacy movement, spreading their influence via social media communities, underground meetings. They are quite popular and specialize in radicalizing young mammals, typically predators still in school, and in some cases, sympathizers who support the cause.

The Olympics will be starting soon, within the year, some celebrities that would be well known by most of the Zootopian population would be...

1. Vince "The Rocket" Jackson - Male, Canine, Basenjii. Known for his 120 Meter Canine Sprint Record, local to Sahara Square

Jack "Boxer" Roo - Male, Kangaroo - He's the Mammalial Martial Arts (MMA) champion 4 events in a row! Local to Outback Island

Nathanial Greyson Male, Canine, Greyhound - Fastest canine 2 Mile Run. Local to Sahara Square

Sirrah Felise Female, Cheetah. Considered to be the greatest bow-woman in the world. Local to Sahara Square.

Frank Koslov Male, Polar Bear. Heavy-weight wrestling champion. Local To Tundra Town.

.......Help list some more!!!

The City of Zootopia

Some many thousands of years ago, during a season of drought, mammals from all over the land came together to one of the last watering holes. They knew, facing certain death, and possible extinction, that if something wasn't drawn in the dirt here and now, that the fates that brought them together could also tear them apart.

Several passages were written in the dirt that day, declaring a truce between Predator and Prey, and together, they lived in peace. That watering hole to this day became the foundation by which what created a city. That watering-hole to this day stands as a monumental fountain in the heart of downtown where a stature was erected in it's honor to those that brought all mammals together, and created the city of Zootopia.

[center]"Come forth, for we welcome you."

"Come at ease, for we celebrate you"

"Come with pride, for we accept you."

On the tablet at the statue, these three lines are inscribed on the stone as a testament to the three era-changing lines that forged the truce between predator and prey and in the end, built the city of Zootopia.

Today, Zootopia has developed into a massive city filled with enterprises, corporations, economy, wealth and even set the basis for the standards of living. Mammals are separated by two classes which can easily be identified. Predator and Prey.

Prey mammals outnumber Predator's 3-to-1 and are seen as the more dominant in society and much more widely accepted than that of predators. While Prey, who seem to be the subjegation to much prejudice, racism, and even neglect, have been known to be seen as the minority.

Recent History

-) Character's refer to the events that took place in the film as the "Night Howler Incident" It was followed through with an outbreak of panic, disorder and rioting that surfaced as the cities largest full scale outbreak of violence that has never been seen in the history of Zootopia, and was responded to with violence and countermeasures from police departments and other resources. 23 Officers and 89 First Responders lost their lives to the panic and riots.

-) Mayor Lionheart is released from prison and pardoned by the City's Senate, however, barred from ever holding official office. Marry Bellweather is sentenced to 15 years at Cliff Side Penitentiary for Conspiracy and other charges

-) The City Senate, comprised of mostly of prey, has declared administrative authority and is conducting all operations of governing until the next election, which will take place within 1 year. As such, the big scoop that everyone is really talking about right now has to do with the political situation. "Who's going to be mayor? Who's going to lead the city?" - Nagasai Whitepaw, billionaire, investor, and long-term running politician, originally from the city of Corgoton, is running for the pro-predator side, declaring equality for predators and prey alike, insert possible rival here

-) The city department has declared war on street gang violence after a spree of drive-by shooting have left numerous children as victims.

-) There is a known crime Syndicate comprised of three major mobs that run the show. The playing field now leveled with the death of Mr. Bigg by the hands of Tango CorLeon Gulos, of the Gulos Mob (Russian Mafia) who are now presiding as the leaders of the Criminal Triad that has formed within the heart and underground of the city.

-) There is rumored to be a "Predator Uprising" surfacing in the dark and are plotting to create a mass-demonstration in the heart of the city.

Key City Locations

Within the city of Zootopia, there are several key locations that are known throughout the area by the city's inhabitants. Several of them are common knowledge and are visited frequently.

Schools - Zootopia is the home to many universities and colleges, all offering

Local Celebrities - Zootopia is home to a number of Celebrities, some known far and wide, others only to the residents.

Bone and Kitty - Found on 102.9, 'The Prairie', Bone and Kitty, the Manx cat and Pomeranian dog radio couple, are fairly popular, with good music from all Genres, and plenty of humorous stories and prank calls to lucky listeners. Join them in the After 10 Hour, for some naughty jokes and confessions!

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