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Jan 7 2018, 08:16 PM
Hey everyone! As most people probably already realize, I've been fairly in... oh who am I kidding, I've been dead, basically. But I'm looking to spark some life back into my RP life with a new AU! As for the options in the poll, I'm going to take a bit of length with each option to explain what you should expect for that choice, but before the that, allow me to explain my reasons for these options! If you take the time to read through all of this, I thank you so much for even bothering, this'll be a whopper.

I've carefully picked these options from universes that I am at minimum at least decently knowledgeable about.This is because if one is successfully chosen, I myself will be monitoring ensuing threads. The same way you have a Dungeon Master for D&D, I'll be a quintessential god for said AU, determining what is reasonable and outrageous. An example of this would be if maybe Mass Effect was chosen, and a group consensus agreed on the Andromeda Galaxy in the newest release for the sake of open ended RP that is less bound by story. If that were so, you couldn't be a Pathfinder, as all the Pathfinders currently exist in the canon story!

That being said, this is only if the setting is placed in canon Andromeda. And exceptions to certain lore rules can be circumvented should the group agree to it and I pass the change to the universe.

If you have any questions, please send them to me privately, preferably via Discord, however PMs on here will be fine as well, maybe just not as quick of a response. Discord= Vex Milk@5479

On to the options!

1. Mass Effect- This RP would take place in, you guessed it, the Mass Effect Universe! This means any setting can be chosen, from the Milky Way, to Andromeda, or even post Andromeda where the fight is taken to the Kett in the future! Characters would derive from realistic occupations and classes from the main games, as those are consistent to pick from, Soldier, Biotic, Engineer, Vanguard, Infiltrator, and Sentinel, multiplayer classes will be accepted for judgement as well as you won't be locked to only human for this! (Or in this case, mammal)

2. Fallout- Ah, the ever popular retro apocalypse that sparks interest for many. This one would need to be much more finely controlled since the vast array of loot, scavenging, and such make it necessary for extra scrutiny, but would allow for some outrageously fun class building and character setups.

3. Star Wars- With the release of the newest movie, it's hard to ignore this one. Games will only be used as references insofar as granting weapon and class ideas, please avoid controversy when possible, we don't need that here! Overall the universe is so expansive and varied this would be one of my top picks, that's for sure!

4. Warhammer/Warhammer 40k- For those unfamiliar, Warhammer is the classical fantasy universe, and 40k refers to the futuristic version. This definitely a niche choice, but it's a universe I'm well acquainted with!

5. Fantasy- This would set a overarching concept to play out fantasy kingdoms involving magic and lords of old! A classic in many minds, and provides free reign for easy starts!

6. Rainbow 6- As many are unaware due to the popularity of the critically acclaimed game franchise by said title, it all started from a book by the name Rainbow 6. I will make this clear now, should you pick this, you will not be allowed to play a Terrorist, unless you accept that your character will lose, be arrested, or die by the end of the AU. The book tells the story of how Team Rainbow literally saves the world because their unit is simply that skilled and well-equipped, and even the US government didn't know about it. Tom Clancy has since passed, and one his agreements with Ubisoft for the games was that the player shall play a Terrorist at any point. Hence why you have CTUs fighting CTUs in Siege. In this case we'd be bending that rule.

7.Tom Clancy- This is an alternative option for anyone who'd like to do a Tom Clancy universe other than Rainbow Six. Options would include Ghost Recon, the Division, and any other games or books under the name Tom Clancy. Hell, this could even include Red October as it's one of his most famous works.

8. Payday- It says Payday, but this refers more to bank heisting in general. But expect Payday like shenanigans, with body armor thicker than a car door, and the option to even bring a minigun into the fray! This would be the most over the top pick, and a universe I would be much more relaxed about the rules.

9. Metal Gear Solid- An intimidating franchise to say the least in terms of lore, but lore for this isn't hugely necessary. This would likely revolve around soldiers in Big Boss's Private Military known as Diamond Dogs, based on the critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. This another universe that you can pull a lot from, from weaponry to the stealth and mission types. I myself would likely take the role of Big Boss in a sort of idol's role, not hugely involved unless necessary.

10- This is for if you'd like to submit your own idea or maybe you just don't want to see another AU. Should you like to submit an idea for another AU, please message me regarding it, and I will amend the post to include the option.

Jun 22 2017, 09:29 PM
A time of change was close to its first dawn on the city of Zootopia. Rumblings of Ragnarok traveled quickly through the city, just as Rorsche had planned. He stood in a penthouse, standing by the window, looking upon the great city. His mask gleaned in the light of the bright sun, his pure black suit and coverings entrapping his entire body from sight, even the ears atop his head covered. The most that could be made of the animal was the canine like stature.

A muffled yell came from behind Rorsche, and he turned around to look at the penthouse's owner, gagged, with his wrists and legs tied. Behind the tied Golden Labrador was masked polar bear and masked lion, guarding a pig on a laptop. Rorsche's voice modifier spoke up, letting out what could only be described as raspy and let out the kind of aura that told you to stay several feet away should you wish to not lose any limbs, "How much longer 'til we have the data?"

The pig responded, "We're done, it's all you now, boss."

The three left the room, heading downstairs to the escape vehicle. Almost everything was in place for Ragnarok, and no-one even had a clue what it was yet, just like he wanted it. The man tied up was a private security representative, with the kind of illegal info that gave Rorsche all the dirt he needed on every single big wig and leader in Zootopia. All that was left was his message to the ZPD.

Rorsche cut the tied up labrador free, and he stood up, "Why let me live?

Rorsche looked dead into the lab's eyes, his own eyes covered, "I'm not."

With one large stride, Rorsche was right in the lab's face, and with a swift spin, had the lab in an unbreakable headlock, "Please! I have a wife, and kids on the way!"

Tears streamed down the lab's face, and Rorsche whispered into his ear, "You think I care?" And before another word could be uttered, Rorsche stabbed a 5 inch blade directly into the lab's head.

The body dropped to the floor, blood rolling down the sides of the head, mixing with the tears, and washing them away in a red stream. Rorsche fixed his tie, and walked out the penthouse. All that signified Rorsche was even there was the body and some shifted dust. The supposed canine disappeared like a leaf in the wind...

Several hours later, when the body was found by cleaning staff...

Ezekial pulled up to the building, and parked among the other police cruisers. Reports had only one piece of evidence so far, the lodged knife, that read "Ragnarok is Nigh" Ezekial had been trying to find hints about Ragnarok, but it looks like the hint found the ZPD. Whoever had done this was making a statement. As Captain of the ZPD SWAT, Ezekial didn't normally get involved in these cases, but his gut told him something was wrong about this one... very wrong...

Ezekial arrived inside the penthouse, and kneeled down to look at the body and the knife, which had yet to be moved, as he was one of the first to actually come in.

"Just what the hell is happening to this city?...."
Feb 11 2017, 12:07 PM
Ezekial was driving his car down the highway in the Rainforest District, on his way to The Canopy, a high end social bar based in the canopy of the district. Ez had received the invite from one 'Nagasai Whitepaw'. A name he had only heard passed around a few times. Supposedly, she was helping with city infrastructure, and owned a majority of the bars in Zootopia. Whoever she was, it was obvious she was a powerful female, and wealthy, to say the least.

Ezekial's car roared to a stop at the elevated parking lot connected to the The Canopy. Ezekial was wearing the snazziest all black suit he could find, thanks to his friend in the tailoring business, and parked his car. He stepped out of the car, drawing some females' looks with his rugged nature, and minor scarring on his face, though what caught people's attention was that plus one of the cleanest looking suits there. He entered the bar, and headed straight for the back so he could get set up and meet the band that he'd play with tonight. The drummer was a rhino, the bassist was a Beaver, and the second guitarist was a dingo.

Ezekial's fellow canine handed Ez the guitar he'd be borrowing for the night, and showed Ez the stage set-up. After a few minutes of meet and greet, Ez and the guys stepped onto the stage, getting all their instruments fine-tuned while the technicians in back prepared the extra effects and pre-recorded sounds. Within 45 seconds they were all set up, and Ez stepped up to the microphone.

"First and foremost, my name is Ezekial McHunt, and I'd like to take a moment to thank one Ms. Whitepaw for graciously allowing me perform here tonight. I'll only be playing a few songs here for you tonight, but I promise I'll make it last, starting with Firestarter, by Torre Florim."

((Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPI3b9iPSN0))

Feb 4 2017, 09:47 PM
Ez had just changed into a black ZPD tank top and sweat pants in the locker room, and had just entered the Gym. It had a been a while since Ez had done any real exercise, considering how little downtime Ez has had has been spent in his usual bar performing, or taking the time to relax at home in his rundown apartment. He walked over to the medicine ball rack first, picking up the 18 pound ball to start with his squats

Ez began his vertical motion, holding the medicine ball just in front of his chest as he gave his legs a good workout. After the first set, he switched to deadlifts with the double 75 pound weights. After that set, back to the medicine ball, and so began his back and forth between his sets.
Oct 6 2016, 10:09 AM
Ezekial had just finished his patrol shift for the day, having made straight for the locker room after an uneventful day's work. After holding his own in the sniper's nest on that fateful day a riot broke out over the predatory shock collars. Ez had saved quite a few of his fellow officers that day after rioters with automatic weapons, homemade bombs, and cocktail molotovs rampaged through the city on their way to the Capitol building. Ez's face was plastered all over the news for several days, with denied interviews, and congratulations to the SWAT Sniper who minimized bloodshed thanks to the tear gas barrage he had fired from the bell tower. Every small time criminal kept out of Downtown at the minimum, trying to avoid Ezekial. Ez wasn't ungrateful for the peace and quiet, but he was sure as all hell glad to be meeting up with his old buddy Dallas for a drink. Finally opening his locker, Ez put his patrol uniform away and changed into his casual clothes, some jeans, a t-shirt and a leather jacket.

Having already clocked out and changed to civilian wear, Ez pocketed his concealed carry, he was on a streak of paranoia ever since his dad had called him with an ominous warning about the repercussions of his actions. And coming from an ex-hitwolf, it was a daunting weight on his shoulders to say the least. Ez finally made his way into the garage and hopped into his car. The engine roared to life in its usual manner and Ez turned up the radio as he took off for the bar where he was meeting Dallas.

Ez parked his car outside the bar, and took a lean on the wall outside the bar waiting for Dallas, this was Ez's better point of the week, and he was more than glad to see his old friend. He pulled out his phone and got ready for the game of patience.

@Dallas Warhol
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