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Dec 20 2016, 09:59 PM

This is pretty much my plotter for anyone at all to check out for a certain character or a chance to pounce on for a plot. I'm very open minded with very few things being out of my interest or extremely rare, things that'd disturb me. I'm not very bothered by anything except for things of specific subjects, but if it's a juicy, adorable, dramatic, tragic, comical plot then by all means throw yourself at me! I'd like to hear it! I also do not mind (and even enjoy) plots that would normally be socially unacceptable in the society of the setting/universe (which would be Zootopia of course) or even in our society in real life. The immoral doesn't bug me, so feel free to toss any ideas my way and see what we can make out of it! ♥

Here's my current list of characters;

Todd Harris

A poor fennec fox who lives in the lower end of the city. With his father having passed away when he was merely a pup, and his mother estranging from him as soon as he had moved out, he found himself all alone in the wasteland that was reality. His world crashed down upon him as he had no family to help, motivate or support him nor did he even have a lover-- still a virgin-- to provide him the love and encouragement to keep going. He is now victimized at his occupation as a warehouse worker. Despite being physically inadequate, labor is piled onto him while his coworkers get off clean and free with him being forced to do their work with no questions asked. Not to mention even darker events behind the scenes with him and his manager.



• someone, preferably a future mate, to take him in and try to pull him away from his abusive work environment, as well as encourage him to pursue another job entirely beneficial to his health and rights

Sam Russell

A fluffy, stunningly and extravagantly beautiful (male) samoyed with such incredibly feminine features and looks that it's a good ninety percent chance that he'll be mistaken for a female. He's often hit on by many men, however to no avail as his priority is not set on relationship as it is trying to find a chance to build himself back up from where he has fallen. Yes, he's a homeless canine who had been disowned by his parents for his sexuality and refusal to change to fit his parents' morals. When he had been forced out of his home, he had been taking a medical course in college which he immediately had to drop out due to having no home to go to and not having the funds to afford it nor get a dorm on campus where he could reside. He has multiple abandoned safehouses across the city that he could get to and stay nights, but nonetheless does he struggle to survive and usually has to strike deals in order to get anything that he needs. The most notable thing about him is his undying desire to help and care for others. He will usually tend to anyone in need of immediate medical attention in a heartbeat regardless of their background or who they are, often carrying basic supplies in a large satchel he carries around.

Ship: Rasco


• someone take in Sam and care for him, helping him get back into college

• gang taking him in and caring for him in return for his loyalty as a under-the-table doctor


Dakota is a very submissive, unnerved and weak-willed husky who was born and raised outside of Zootopia and had been brought to the city by his ex-boyfriend(highschool sweetheart) in order to whisk him away from the abuse and harassment he was pit against on a daily basis at home. This ex-boyfriend's emotional and behavioral state had plummeted dramatically when they had been fired from a job, and lost their sense of masculinity when Dakota had been forced to provide for them both. Thus, he became abusive, possessive, and controlling to such dangerously stretched extents. Now, he wants to get away from the terror he faced both at home and with his ex, and is looking towards a new chapter in life. Perhaps he can't strengthen the tragically weak will that he inherited from his oppressed mother, but he knew he could find happiness once again.

SHIP: Zaire Greyhoof



Sa'id Hakim

Sa'id is a character that was, shamelessly, planned out on an Egyptian-themed foundation. proceedtothrowyourtrashatme Moving on, Sa'id is one of two twins that had been born to a family living in poverty. Larceny ran in their blood in order to prosper... even just barely. The family of jackals were notorious mainly for pickpocketing, lockpicking, and burglary. Besides cash, they were completely infatuated with jewelry of all kinds. Every one of them lit up at the sight of jewelry, but not nearly as much as Sa'id did in present day. With this love for jewelry and such shiny material things, a drastic weakness also was carried in their blood. A very poor immunity for illness and disease. Their bodies could not fight it off well. As a result, both the twins' parents succumbed to illness which left them to fend for themselves. Far later, his sister caught illness and fights it desperately even to present-day in the setting, and Sa'id now not only steals selfishly for his vast collection of jeweled trinkets, he also spoils his dying twin sister with jewelry, money and even buying every type of drug possible in hopes that something will work for her. He's plagued by denial to her hopeless condition.


Lucien Bellerose

Lucien Bellerose is a notorious criminal in society today; inside and outside of Zootopia. He's most known for being on of the few outward terrorists that will willingly commit their acts of terrorism in the face of the public shamelessly. Explosions, arson, mass shootouts and even mass murder is all placed engraved into his name for spotlight features. He isn't exactly a psychopath, but he he sure as hell is fucking insane. Possibly the very last descendant or member of a long disbanded terrorist group, he has inherited the hot blood that is constantly pumping at such fast rates that a rush is always needed to accompany this restlessness. He obsesses over entertainment and amusement, never able to get enough of it and it seems the most easiest way to get the high, the thrill, the adrenaline rush he so desires is by causing chaos. The city's unrest is his drug-like addiction. He makes the city into his playground. As much as he is addicted to chaos, he is fascinated with guns specifically besides weapons; particularly big guns. He has armories and safe houses all over where he can go into hiding and plan his next play date. Despite how evil he is though, he actually can interact with people in person without so much as harming another person granted he's not challenged or crossed. At least there's one pleasant thing about Lucien... you'll just about never see him frown. Ironically though, Lucien has one sane dream and one sane dream only... to find a man and adopt a child of his own who he can call himself "mother" to and he swears he'll drop his entire criminal life for that child.



• Lucien needs a rival; a rival/frenemy that he'd love to drink, smoke and fuck around with who he can also shoot at all the time in mas competitive shootouts and perhaps a collaborative yet competitive competition of who can erupt the most flames out of the city... or just cause more unrest, for a cleaner and less risky idea
• An adolescent character on Zootopia who possibly nearly get in Lucien's way and almost gets hurt, however Lucien notably drops everything and saves them OR ends up making a total fuss out of them and babying them like any mother would. Maybe this could turn into an adoption plot?
• A member of the ZPD building up a sort of development between them and Lucien where they see Lucien as a heartless, psychotic killer however at some point, different conflicting feelings congest the ZPD officer when Lucien sacrifices himself to save another person; particularly a young animal that got caught in the devastation he created

Alvin Whiskers

Alvin Whiskers is an otter; a little, thin but healthily plump sea otter who is all too kind, generous and caring about others. It's a wonder how he had even got into the ZPD with such a warm personality. With a heart bearing the inability to harm a fly, at least physically, he specializes mainly in addressing a situation with a calm and soft voice and a reassuring tone in order to stagnate and decrease quickly rising tensions and restore peace in the atmosphere and promote ease in the situation. He's been known to cozy up to emotion-driven criminals with his personality, and handle very bad situations relatively well when it comes to tending to them delicately. In the past, he's handled a nearly-turned hostage situation and he has also halted and turned around what would have been suicide attempts. He also provides substantial amount of emotional support to his fellow officers, while tending to spoil them with gifts. He's that one officer that everyone makes fun of for his weakness, "the baby of the group", that still goes out of his way to give everyone something such as bringing dozens of donuts to the break room. He's also pretty smart; intuitively, doesn't seem like it at first. He's never met his real parents, and instead was raised by a homosexual couple tenderly into who he was; wanting to solve issues without violence.

Ship: Gunner Dholeson



Bandit Blackpaw


Milo Weiss

Milo Weiss is apart of the renowned Weiss Family. They are high end wealthy business leaders that are the owners of the old, loved, trusted and successful Angel Company as well as the founders of the infamously known yet publicly unnamed Angel Syndicate. The Angel Company is a company that's been around for years following the Weiss Family lineage, producing and selling a mass variety of different products ranging from clothing to furniture and luxuries with much less known business connections to arms dealings and other such morally frowned businesses. The Angel Syndicate is the underground gang that was founded and nurtured by the Weiss Family over the years. The best way to describe them is a "dangerous threat waiting to be given an order", as their priorities consists majorly of keeping other businesses in line so that they don't overstep their boundaries into their territory and even above that, protecting the Weiss Family, Angel Company and associated businesses and connections. They work in the shadows and only reveal themselves when there's something wrong and needed to be tended to. Yet, the only thorn in their sides at the moment are their former co-partner who had their eyes set on the same sights and yet parted with them after a mass conflict, turning them into heavily heated rivals in business and both their mobs underground are at war even if not as obvious.

Milo is the son of the Father to the Weiss Family. All members of the Family have authority, only him a bit less due to the constant quarreling between him and his father over issues both within the syndicate, outside the syndicate and involving him often sneaking away wordlessly to be by himself. These quarrels often lead to domestic abuse including his father striking him harshly across the face and punishing him as well as verbally degrading him as a person, aiming for his sensitive spot about his past _relationship_ with the son of the rival's leader. Beaten and chastised into submission, he started delving his emotions deep within himself into a cage, locking them away and resulting in a usually reserved, emotionless shell protecting and keeping his emotions out of sight. While he does still very well feel intensely, he can never express these feelings outwardly... only for himself and certain people.

Ship; N/A


- I REALLY want the son of the rivaling company/syndicate's father to be made and shipped with Milo because it'd make for such a charming and heatwarming plot with the ideas I have in mind. I have in-depth details about the rivaling gang, some details but the rest is to be played with by the other player freely.

P.S, I'm also open to creating new characters as well if none of my characters fit the criteria required for the plot we come up with!

PM me if interested!
Jun 30 2016, 08:32 AM
Sir Azaris the Hundredth here to tend to your fluffy, tragic, dramatic, and romantic needs. ;;sophisticated look;;

Alright, all humor aside, this page is advertising myself to voluntarily make generally submissive homosexual characters that particularly play the bottom in a relationship. Don't ask why I only make these, it's actually a personal reason involving my own comfort and ability, as well as understanding. Anyway, I have no standards whatsoever for what kind of sub you'd like me to create. It can be the fearful type, denial type, angry type, rebellious type, somewhat "masculine" type, feminine type, crossdresser- anyone! You give me the details, and I'll look into making it for a plot or a relationship with your character or to-be character.

Also, for those of your out there who enjoy alternative relationship plots such as... maybe the more darker or dramatic variant? Abusive, awkwardness, vengeful, distrusting, distant, secret, traitorous relationships? I'll do that as well! I have no limitations on plots. I feel the more tragic, the more fluffy, the more deep- THE BETTER! Let's get these ships'a sailin'!

Either send me a PM or reply to this thread if interested and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!
Jun 27 2016, 12:50 PM
Name: Todd Harris
Gender identity: male
Age equivalent: 25
Species: Fennec Fox
Height: approx. 2.5 feet
Weight: 40 lb

Residence Biome: downtown
Residence: apartment
Profession: abused warehouse worker

- Ben Harris (father, deceased)
- Kayla Harris (mother,status unknown)

General appearance: Todd Harris is really like the rest of his kind- well, what they should be at least. He has the usual cream colored fur only in a slightly lighter tint almost matching that of his snow white colored belly. The irises of Todd's eyes are a usual green color, with a brighter tint that make them stand out the most on him. His head is definitely larger than his body, making his body small but still capable of physical labor. His ears are very long and large. They're firm in form and pointed. His tail is long, thick and fluffy. The tip of the tail fur is pitch black, making it look like a brush dipped in black paint.



• generous
• kind
• caring
• playful
• loyal
• compassionate
• affectionate


• shy inpublic
• awkwardinpublic
• timid aroundbiggeranimalsandcoworkers
• hyperactive outofpublic
• clingy
• paranoid
• fidgety

Goals & Plot Ideas:

- NA


- absolutely terrified of lightning and thunder, and loud noise
- afraid of heights
- easily becomes cold
- addicted to sweets
- favorite drinks include pop and tea


Player Name: Azaris
Art Source: disney pls, make more art
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