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Jan 2 2018, 08:53 AM

An officer arrives to the station and uses the locker-room to change, if they haven't done that already at home. This is where officer shenanigans and bonding typically occur.

Roll Call

Every shift begins with a morning meeting that doubles as a Roll Call and typically don't last longer than an hour.

The purpose is to:
  • Inspect uniforms and equipment
  • Make sure everyone is there
  • Disseminate information that is of immediate importance, like new crime activities, road closures or conditions, most wanted criminals, and other information that might affect them
  • Relay any training activity such as new equipment and reminders of rules and protocol

There are three eight-hour shifts:
  • 0600-2200 (6am-2pm)
  • 1400-2200 (2pm-10pm)
  • 2200-0600 (10pm-6am)
But really, shifts are actually 10 hours long, the last two hours occurring at the end of the shift (eg 6am-2pm is really 6am-4pm). These hours are paid and their purpose is for an officer to finish up their paperwork. These officers are considered off-duty, but if there is a critical emergency - such as an officer down -, the officer may be asked to respond. If ever you see a squad car that tends to park in the same spot every day and appears to be doing nothing, this is what they are doing.


Either before or after roll call, the officer will visit the armory to pick up and sign out their equipment bag for the day. They will also inspect their squad car, making sure there are no drugs or weapons on the bench (that is, the back seat of the car where the perpetrator is transported). As mortorcycle cops (traffic enforcement) does not transport criminals, I do not believe that they do this.


Typically their equipment bag will contain:
  • Glock Model 17 9mm, or Glock Model 22 (.40 S&W)
  • One non-lethal bean-bag rifle
  • One lethal rifle (Usually an AR15)
  • Shotguns - Police usually carry the Remington 870 Patrol Model, 12 Gauge. Some departments are still using the Winchester 1300's, and some (very few) - carry the Mossberg 590A1.
A police officer will also usually have their own bag, that they keep stocked and ready at all times so it can just be picked-up-and-go, called a "go bag".
  • Extra ammo for hand-gun
  • Extra ammo for rifle
  • Extra handcuffs
  • Extra flashlight
  • Personal Individual First-Aid Kit (IFAK), which varies by style but typically has:
    • Tourniquet
    • Pressure bandages
    • Gauze
    • Door stops to hold windows open or closed
    • Window punch (breaks car windows, etc)
    • Black permanent marker
    • Active Shooter Response Kit - External Body Armor Carrier
K-9 Units

As Zootopia takes place in a world of anthropomorphic animals, there are not K-9 drug sniffing, rescue, nor chase dogs. The officers can do that themselves. Obviously some mammal species will have better advantages than others.


If a perpetrator decides to go to court over something that happened, be it a personal injury or contesting a traffic ticket that was issued, the officer who issued the ticket is required to show up for court. If the defendant (the officer) does not show up, the perpetrator gets their case answered in the affirmative (eg, the ticket is removed and marked void).

Typically officers do not want to spend their precious time off in court, so it is common for contested traffic tickets to be a mere formality of waiting for no officer to show up.

The Academy

The academy is a preparation school that all officers must attend. However, attending the academy does not guarantee a job - the department may still pass over the applicant in real life - this is especially true for majority races as many departments need minority races to help with racial tension issues, and also for minority directives set by higher-ups.

It also largely depends on how accurate your information packet is. Throughout the course of the applicant hiring process, there are agents that are digging through an applicant's life. Prepare to feel violated, they will match dates to times, they will talk to teachers, your parents, your cousins. Even your neighbors back to the time when you were still in diapers (much exageration, but you get the point.) - They do a simple check prior to the accademy, but when the packets gets passed to the FBI - then it's all hands down, no rules, absolutely no privacy. In fact, there are actual documented events of some applicants ending the entire hiring process with an arrest!

Upon graduation, the officer is assigned to the department in which they originally applied it, and after 6 months, they may request a transfer to any department of their choosing. If they live over 25 miles away from their department, they may opt to receive a retired cruiser to commute to work.

Resources for further reading

These are external websites that we recommend if you'd like to read more. Nothing more and nothing less. Please remember that these are real websites with real people. They may have rules of their own. We are not responsible nor liable for content on these websites, nor are they for us. We do not hold any partnerships.

@Naxx can you finish this
Mar 7 2017, 09:30 PM
Whether you are just starting or established and still learning, there is a wonderful website called CTRL ALT PAINT that has paid and free resources.

https://www.ctrlpaint.com/getting-started This painting 101 class is highly recommended even by professionals and you will notice immediate and immense improvements if you are are an intermediate to absolute beginner painter.

There is also a library of free videos showing you how to do many things via digital painting.
Mar 5 2017, 03:29 PM
(Hello Dr. Nick!)

We now have a Tumblr ( https://zootropolischronicles.tumblr.com/ ) that all of our admins can access and contribute to. We would love to populate it with all of your creations to show you off to the world! We aren't as good at Tumblr as you all, so if you see any ways that we could improve, please let us know.


We would especially love to submit some of our art to our Tumblr! Please reply with some of your zootopia art, preferably containing your personal artist signature. We know that art takes a long time and we want to showcase some of your lovely creations.


We would also love to submit one-sentence stories or summaries as quotes. These are meant to be tiny little things (like a Vine) that people click to read more on the site. Please include the tiny quote as well as the link to the thread it's in.

We would also love to put up your adoptables, especially if they have pictures.

We are formulating a way to put up characters as spotlights. You can recommend a character or submit your own, too.

We also plan on putting up player spotlights. We haven't quite figured it out yet.

Our Tumblr Creed:

- We want to try to post one thing each day. We want these things to be extremely short - devourable within seconds, like a Vine. So we're really looking for single sentences or pictures. We might not go in order of what's put here.
- We don't want to post any NSFW content but we might be okay with posting a link to a thread that has NSFW material in it.
- If there's not enough content here, we may grab something from the site and put it up. We won't put up art without asking permission (or your having put it here, first), but we may put up thing that you have chosen, like photographs, or Disney art.
- If our Tumblr contains something that is from you / by you and you don't want it up, just tell us and we will take it down. It's not our intention to "steal", we just want to show off your work.
Feb 21 2017, 10:49 AM
Hello everyone!

I thought it would be a great time to make an update post for all the different things that have been going on.

Firstly, we really want to thank all of our members for our site's success! Can you believe that we'll be a year old in just under a month? Wow! We really love you all, and we're so happy that you have created such wonderful characters and awesome plots! We've had an influx of new members lately thanks to an advertising spree started by Nox!

You may have noticed that the forum structure of our IC areas changed to better show off all of the different activity that's been happening. You can click the pictures or the sub-forum text link. In particular, the meadowlands were previously mis-categorized as not a part of the Zootopia island but they really are. And, we have a new IC area that we forgot, called The Canals. Not much is known about them as they aren't talked about in the movie nor manga except that it's home to a lot of water mammals. There are many islands, and it's safe to say that the primary mode of transportation is boating. Personally I hope that the images are alright, but if they need more indications of which goes to wish, just let me know and we can add some helpful text to the pictures.

If you have a threat that has mature content - such as extreme violence or sex - if it is merely mentioned, that's fine, but if it goes into detail, please remember to tag your thread [M] in the title and to use the [ restricted][ /restricted] tags (without the spaces).

The February superlatives is also up and open for everyone to respond to, it's our just-for-kicks-and-giggles version of OTMs that is funner and friendlier.

We have many skins, the main one is mobile friendly, and a dark/minimalist one that is also mobile friendly.

Also, I think we forgot to announce that back in December, we added Azaris and Dremulf to the staff team! Our staff team is currently five: Naxx, xexes, Nox (slow/busy right now), Dremulf, Azaris.

We also have a NSFW cbox upon popular request. For both boxes, we have a safeword of 'petunia' for discreetly changing the subject if any topic is overly troublesome.

I'm in the process of bumping our ads at directory sites, can you all respond to this thread, in the cbox, or via PM about what really awesome plots you have (very briefly), especially if other people can get involved? I try to list these in our directory bumps and ads and they help a lot.
Feb 6 2017, 09:16 AM
We'll pick ten or so from your suggestions for next month.

Reply below!
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